Jan 17, 2010

Make Complete Windows 7


Windows live completes windows 7

Today, users are increasingly expecting that their PC (and their OS) allow them to do things on their desktop that have an online component such as e-mail. This is where Windows Live Essentials comes in. For example, when you’re at home on your laptop you can use Windows Live Mail, but when you’re on the go you can access that same mail from any computer with an Internet connection by going to Windows Live Hotmail. Windows Live Essentials combines what you do on the PC with what you do on the Web. That’s the benefit of software + services.

Jan 15, 2010

Common Problems With Windows 7

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NO 1

Windows system tray also Windows live Messenger.
When you terminate the program(close it)
but still the icon hanged at the task bar and not
in the system tray.(common compatibility problems)

Fix: right-click the shortcut to Windows Live Messenger, click Properties > Compatibility, check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose "Windows XP (Service Pack 3) - Same if other programs happens -

NO 2

Windows Explorer Navigators.
To improve the peformance but ou won't always
be able to see the complete folder structure unless you expand it manually.

Fix:click Organize > Folder and Search Options, check "Automatically expand to current folder", and click OK to restore normal operations.

NO 3

Video Quality is low.
It is because of Windows 7 power plan setting. Not only video, other software
also effected.

Fix:click Start, type Power Options and click the Power Options link. Click Change Plan Settings for your currently selected plan, click Change Advanced Settings, expand the Multimedia Settings section and make sure "Playing video" is set to "Optimise performance"

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